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Soft Living Places began operation in 2004. Its project in the accueil sector focuses on Guest relations and on its ability to turn every stay into an experience of well-being and style. This idea has grown, leading to a hotel management method that assails all levels, everything from the ambience of the living spaces and choice of materials and furnishings to the composition of the menus, selection of personnel and communications.

Soft Living offers itself as a philosophy, an interpretation of hospitality according to a precept that, starting with Italian tradition, opens itself up to the evolution of today’s demand. The spaces are restored, letting the flavour of the past hover in the rooms and common areas.
The natural and cultural wealth tied to the facilities is enhanced to the utmost.

The Guests identify with this philosophy of essentiality, comfort and elegance, attesting totheir sharing of Soft Living values far from commonplaces and short-lived fashions bymaking this their choice.

Today Soft Living Places manages two historic hotels – Byron in Forte dei Marmi and Hotel Plaza e de Russie ain Viareggio. And it is inthese two places on the Tyrrhenian Riviera that the Soft Living philosophy takes shape andmakes a statement.

Hotel Byron. It was once a patrician villa on the promenade of Forte dei Marmi, and offersa limited number of rooms. The interiors draw inspiration from a sober Tuscan elegance. The seaside and interior gardens invite Guests to relax in a peaceful dimension. The restaurant distinguishes itself due to its cellar of fine international wines.

Hotel Plaza e de Russie. It is the most ancient hotel in Viareggio, built on the seaside promenade in 1871 and placed in a Liberty style architectural context. Its atmosphere invites you to travel down the memory lane of the Grand Tour era, with its intimate drawing rooms, Murano chandeliers, valuable period furniture, oldfashioned parquet floors in the rooms and travertine in the bathrooms, all without forgoing the technologies of modern comfort.

Today fine dining is one of the key prerequisites to high quality hospitality.
Soft Living Places stands for the high level of its restaurants, run by international Chefs.

La Magnolia. Byron in Forte dei Marmi.
Lunasia. Rooftop Hotel Plaza e de Russie in Viareggio.

Also open to the tourist passing throught, great wines and gastronimic thrills even to the most demanding gourmets.

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Hotel Byron - Forte dei Marmi Hotel Plaza e de Russie - Viareggio