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A philosophy based on the quality of the relationship with the guest in accordance with the most refined Italian tradition yet in line with the evolution of today’s demands

Soft Living Places was founded in central Italy in 2004. This project in the hospitality sector focuses on the relationship with the guest and on the capacity to transform each stay into an experience of wellness and style. Around this idea has formed a ‘method’ of management of the hotel that involves all levels: from the atmosphere of the locations to the choice of materials and furnishings, the composition of the menus, the selection of staff and communication. Tradition, the search for wellbeing, understatement: the philosophy of Soft Living Places is based on the quality of the relationship with the guest, as an interpretation of hospitality according to a canon that, starting from the Italian tradition, opens up to the evolution of the demands of today. The buildings are restored in respect of tradition, letting the taste of the past remain in the rooms and in the common areas. The natural and cultural heritage linked to the structures is valued to the utmost. Guests are recognised in this world of essentiality, comfort and elegance, testifying to such with their choice in sharing in the Soft Living values, far from short-term trends and the commonplace. Today, Soft Living Places manages two historic hotels, the Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi and the Hotel Plaza e de Russie in Viareggio. And it is in these two places on the Tyrrhenian Riviera that the Soft Living philosophy takes shape and is determined.

HOTEL BYRON is the result of the transformation from a glorious patrician villa on the seafront of Forte dei Marmi, once belonging to the Dukes of Zoagli. It offers a limited number of rooms and retains all the charm of a private residence. The interiors are inspired by a sober Tuscan elegance. The garden by the sea and the interiors are an invitation to take respite in a secluded dimension.

HOTEL PLAZA E DE RUSSIE is the oldest hotel in Viareggio, built on the promenade along the sea in 1871 and positioned within an architectural context in Art Nouveau style. Today, we cannot speak of the philosophy of hospitality if not with a guarantee of a fundamental aspect that qualifies the value of hospitality: good food. Soft Living Places distinguishes itself by the high standard of its restaurants, run by international chefs.

RISTORANTE LA MAGNOLIA Located at the Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi.
RISTORANTE LUNASIA In the heart of Hotel Plaza e de Russie in Viareggio.